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Stop the norwegian barnbortføring by the Barnevernet, the Norwegian Inquisition

Barnavern Inquisition

As one time William Wilberforce started to militate for the abolishing of slavery and for the stopping of the slave commerce, now it is the time to start to militate for the abolishing of child kidnapping, child trafficking and child placing in families of pedophyllians and other sexually deviant persons.  This is slavery and raping of the human souls of mothers and fathers, it is the raping of religious conscience in Norway and some other northern „civilized” countries.

In Norway they take by force the children from families based just on a denouncement of any person without any previous probing.  They place the kidnapped children in secret families, be them of homosexuals, lesbians or any kind, normal or perverted, raping thus the conscience and personal beliefs of parents and children.  The mothers are destroyed, some of them commit suicide, or loose their sanity, or are tortured for life.  Barnevernet, actually barnbortføring (child kidnapping) not only they take the children but they inflict psychological torture to the children’s parents telling these that the kids do not miss them and they feel very well in the new „family”.

mothers of Norway

It is a child commerce and trafficking because those from Barnevernet and the denouncers receive important sums of money for every case, for every kidnapping.  It is a shame for all humanity!  When the countries will take stand agains countries like Norway to stop such crimes against families, children – the fundament of humanity?

Because of some singular cases of child abuse the Norwegian State developed a paranoid mentality worse than Medieval Inquisition.  Shame Norway!  this is barbaric, this is cruel, it is not civilized at all!

Why do they not have a program of counseling and helping children within their family, and have a procedure in steps, first interviewing and counseling the parents, then warning them, then giving them the choice of leaving the country for the sake of their conscience?

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