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Inquisition in Norway

There was a time in Middle Ages (Dark Ages) when the State and the Catholic Church hunted all kinds of „heretics” and killed them, burned them to stake, tortured and exiled them.  Today in Norway it happens the same thing.  The Social Services, the New Inquisition, following all kinds of informations provided by judas, traitors and betrayers (that as Judas did, they get money for it) come without warning and kidnap the children of christian families that raise their children in the living Christian percepts.  They condemn merciless the families to a lifelong torture of the soul, they destroy the mental and physical health of the mothers, children and fathers. And this for what guilt?  The guilt that christians follow their conscience and the precepts on the best Human that this world has ever had, Jesus Christ.  They punish and persecute the christians for raising good and moral citizens.  Why?  Because their ways (norwegian state and its social services and all those that adopted a perverted style of life) are evil and they do not need a generation that knows to discern good from evil!


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